“Give your puppy the best start in life”

The first three to four months of your puppy’s life are a huge learning curve about the world and a puppy needs lots of good experiences to understand their surroundings and cope well with life in the future. If they have had a good start with a responsible breeder, the puppies will have already gained information about living in a pet home which helps them adjust to their new homes when they are ready to move on from their mother and siblings. A puppy from a neglected background will need much more time and effort to help them adapt to life in a pet home, they have been put at a disadvantage and need careful handling to avoid or at least minimise long term problems.

Reward based training can start straight away to manage their daily routine in a positive way, puppies are learning all the time and the puppy parent has to steer the pup in the right direction to prevent unwanted behaviour developing later on. Lots of different texture toys need to be readily available to the pup as they use their mouths to explore the environment and they should be encouraged to chew appropriately to offer an alternative to chewing on furniture. Playing with toys is a great way of bonding with your puppy and is a valuable training opportunity not to be missed.

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