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Puppy School is an international network of tutors trained by Gwen Bailey, a renowned behaviourist and author of many best selling books including The Perfect Puppy. Julie Hilliard is the Puppy School tutor for Hastings in East Sussex and rewarding training techniques are used to promote a good relationship and understanding between people and their animals, minimising problems for the future.

I grew up with a variety of animals and took one of our dogs to training classes on a regular basis, back then unfortunately the emphasis was on forceful techniques and heavy handling. Years later I became a volunteer Puppy Parent for an assistance dog charity and learnt about reward based training techniques and how successful it is to encourage a dog to make the right decision and not be intimidated by the handler.

I have done various training with my own dogs, life skills, agility, gundog work, heelwork to music, treiball, clicker training and tricks, pets as therapy and can bring some of those experiences and skills into the training classes. My german shepherd is a Pets as Therapy dog and my little labrador is a Blue Cross educational dog helping children learn how to behave around dogs to stay safe and care for a pet responsibly.

Studying part time whilst my children have been at school has enabled me to gain a BSc in applied behavioural science in animal behaviour and welfare which gives me the academic qualification to complement the practical experience of working with rescued greyhounds and lurchers. I also hold a PTTLS (Preparing to teach in the lifelong sector) teaching qualification to help inform owners effectively and support them training their own dogs with adaptable techniques that can be utilised in a whole range of scenarios.

Training as a Puppy School Tutor included a total of 24 days extensive training, theory and practical, in a complete range of behavioural issues that enables a very holistic approach to identifying how potential problems can develop and what to do to improve the situation. Life skills training can go a long way to help dogs and humans have a good understanding of each other and enjoy each other’s companionship. Reward based methods are kind and effective, promoting a trusting relationship between puppies and their special people.

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