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Beginners Life Skills Courses

Monday 5th June  at 6.15pm and 7.30pm – Hollington Community Centre, TN38 9LL

This can either be a follow-on course from Puppy School or may be suitable for older dogs that have not done a training class before as long as they are sociable with other dogs and comfortable with unknown people. You are welcome to come and observe a session before joining. Fees are £40 payable monthly and there are only six places available, the exercises are structured and the assessment is informal as we go along. Please get in touch if you would like to know more:     07779 409290


Move Development Session – Tuesday 27th June

Heelwork to Music, 3-4.30pm with Louise Ince at Hollington Community Centre, TN38 9LL

£15 per session, mixed abilities – moves are practised in isolation before linking them together to make a sequence, it takes a long time to put the movements together with some music. Please don’t feel that you need a lot of experience, some basic training and plenty of enthusiasm is great for starters, please get in touch for further details:

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Heelwork to Music – monthly sessions

Tuesday 7th February, 3-4.30pm, £15 with Louise Ince from Canine Performers

Hollington Community Centre, 1 Wishing Tree Road North, St.Leonards, TN38 9LL

Don’t let the title put you off, this is a mixed ability group, you do not have to have a highly trained dog to attend, just some basic training. We are following the Move Development scheme and the movements are taught in isolation before starting to build them up to short sequences, come and have some fun with your dog.