“Reward based training techniques make learning fun for you and your puppy”

Puppy School classes – 6 week course

Teach your puppy:

  • to come when called
  • walk well on the lead
  • sit, down, stand
  • wait
  • food manners
  • gentle handling
  • settle down
  • off and take it
  • good toy play

Classes provide socialisation with people, children (if available) and other puppies as well as training that will equip you to raise a well-adjusted, well behaved dog. The kind and effective training methods allows the puppy to think things through and make good decisions.

Learn about canine body language to keep your puppy safe and protect them if they feel threatened in a stressful situation. Recognising subtle behaviours helps improve communication between humans and canines which is often misinterpreted. The whole family are welcome as consistent training with all the members of the household is important for the puppy to feel safe and secure.

Beginners Life Skills  – training course for puppies older than 20 weeks of age, adolescent and older dogs that haven’t done any training before, this maybe a suitable class for rescue dogs in need of some basic training.

Intermediate and Advanced Life Skills
Follow on classes available which builds on the exercises learnt at Puppy School and are usable skills in everyday life. Work at your own pace and you will get results, some breeds try harder than others and are more willing to learn, some breeds are more independent and require high value rewards to make it worth their while.

Teach your dog:

  • to come away from distractions
  • fun retrieve
  • go to a target
  • touch
  • off lead walking
  • stay for 1 minute
  • distance control
  • dealing with frustration
  • clicks and tricks

Please get in touch with Puppy School Hastings on:

Mobile:  07779 409290  (Please call or send a text message)
Email:  info@puppyschoolhastings.com