Home Visits

Are you not sure what breed of puppy would suit your lifestyle?
Do you want to make sure that everything is set up appropriately for your pups arrival?
Are you having trouble with toilet training or mouthing and biting?
A home visit to discuss these issues may be suitable for you.

Different breeds of dogs have different characteristics and some have more energy requirements than others, if the puppy is not provided with enough physical and mental exercise to keep them busy they are likely to find ways to entertain themselves around the home which can get them into trouble. Puppies should not be over exercised whilst their joints are growing and a rough guide would be a minute’s on lead exercise per week of their age, twice a day, so a 15 week old puppy can go out for a fifteen minute walk twice a day. When they are off lead running around at home they will take natural breaks to rest before playing again.

You need to have a plan to make sure that the first day with your puppy goes as well as it can as it is the starting point for what should be a long and happy life together. The puppy may have just left their Mum and litter mates behind and is now dependent on you to be a reliable provider and somebody that they can trust to look after them. If you feel frustrated about something that the puppy is doing and not sure how to handle it, the pup will become anxious and the relationship will deteriorate before the puppy has had a chance to get to know their new surroundings and settle down.

A good breeder will have already set the puppies up with a clean bedding area and then a separate place for toileting where they will make an association to do their business there and keep their beds clean. A puppy from a neglected background will be harder to toilet train as they won’t have had those definitive areas to learn good habits. Positive reinforcement for going in the right place will encourage the puppy to return to that area.

Mouthing and biting is completely natural for a dog to explore the environment around them, they need access to plenty of toys with different textures as their requirements change when they are teething and gums are feeling uncomfortable. Provide your puppy with the right size chew for them to exercise their jaws as necessary, some raw hide chews can be a choking hazard and should only be fed whilst supervised.

A home visit is £30 per hour within a 5 mile radius of Hastings, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Please get in touch with Puppy School Hastings on:

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